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Please note that effective June 1st, 2021 Canada Customs WILL require an ACCEPTED E-Manifest to be filed for ALL shipments entering Canada. The 6 month grace period had ended. Beginning June 1st, 2021 monetary penalties will be issued if this is not received within the prescribed time limits. Failure  to send full pre-alert and e-manifest information within below time frames could result in monetary penalties that RUTHERFORD GLOBAL LOGISTICS INC will not be responsible for any of these charges and all fees will be billed back to you.

Vessels: Pre-alerts (drafts accepted) and e-manifest information must be sent to RUTHERFORD GLOBAL LOGISTICS 48 hours before container loads vessel.

Air: Pre-alert must be sent and received by RUTHERFORD GLOBAL LOGISTICS Monday to Friday during our regular business hours 24 hours before cargo arrives to Canada.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us.

Rutherford Global Logistics proud member the Canadian Freight Forwarders Assocation, International Freight Forwarders Associations, and IATA

Rutherford Global Logistics offers International Freight Forwarding, Domestic Freight Forwarding, Cross-Border Freight Handling, Air – Ocean – Surface – Rail – Multimodal Transport, Marine Cargo Insurance, Export Permits, Foreign Customs Brokerage and more.

How We Work

For “BEST” routings and cost savings, always contact us “BEFORE” tendering freight to overseas partners.

One local call to us gets you hands-on service from one of the world’s biggest freight networks.

No matter where in the world your consignment originates or is headed, we provide the local expertise needed to expedite fast and efficient delivery to final destination.

We are the Canadian partner of a world-wide partnership of independent freight specialists, dedicated to working together to provide unmatched levels of service.

Like us, all our partners own and manage their businesses. Like us, their success is dependent on their local experience and expertise and their ability to deliver service excellence. Like us, they had to prove themselves before they were accepted as a member of the Global Freight Group.

No multi-national can match our commitment, our local knowledge or our global know-how.

Whether you are shipping one small carton of samples, full ocean containers, need help with major projects or freighter charters, RGL has the experience and connections that allow for seamless shipping and customs clearances anywhere in the world.