Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

William L Rutherford Limited collects, maintains and uses client information in order to provide the services that best meet the needs of the client. In doing this, we respect the privacy of our clients and recognize the need to safeguard their personal and confidential information.

We maintain the confidentiality of any personal information that clients provide to us, and in handling such information, we comply with the Protection of Privacy Act (PIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

William L Rutherford Limited strives to keep personal and confidential client information safe from unauthorized access. Except as required by law. William L Rutherford Limited does not disclose personal and confidential client information to third parties without express written consent of the individual.

Personal and confidential information is deemed to be any information that can identify you as an individual.

Any questions regarding privacy issues may be sent to the Privacy Officer.